5 Top Choices for Your Beach Style Wedding Dress

Destination weddings are becoming common among modern couples. It is not unusual for couples to pack up for a beach paradise and recite their marriage vows on white sands. A bride’s major concern on this day however would be her beach style wedding dress. What can be the best and most appropriate choice for a beach style wedding dress?

1. Traditional Long Dress

You may want to get married on the beach but would like to preserve the formal feel of the occasion. You may still go for a beach style wedding dress that is cut and made of the same material as any other church type wedding dress. This is not really advisable but if you must wear satin and silk then just make sure you fix your cut and style. Go for a beach style wedding dress with a halter, strapless and sleeveless style. This will both help you deal with the beach heat and make you fit your environment. You will also look better with a simple but sleek body-hugging cut.

2. Beach Dress

Nobody can say that satin and silk don’t fit the beach but your beach style wedding dress will look and feel much better if it is made of chiffon or organza or better yet, linen or cotton. Dresses made of these materials are easy to wash, cool to wear and will also look appropriate in the beach. Have a design with a clean, slim and flowing cut. A beach style wedding dress that is just a long sheath with a bias cut will look perfect on you. You can also experiment with dress length cuts. A long dress will look fine but you can also have a knee length one for an easy romp on the sand.

3. Beach Attire

The term “minimalist” seems to apply best to a beach style wedding dress. Instead of having a dress you can also just have traditional beach attire for your beach wedding. Get a great looking bikini or a full body swimsuit and wrap a short length sarong with tassels around your hips. You can also pair your sarong with a torso wrap or you can just wear a long sarong. To highlight the occasion, you should choose white for your dress color. These options will make your beach style wedding dress look appropriate to the setting while still looking like a real wedding dress.

4. Tropical Prints

You can also be more experimental and daring with your beach style wedding dress and ditch the white color and wedding look cut altogether. Pick an all out beach theme and choose a bikini or wrap around with colorful tropical prints. Complement your dress by asking your husband to wear a Hawaiian shirt. Top off both of your wedding clothes with leis, wreaths and flowers.

5. What to Avoid

Anyone can easily understand some people’s desire to keep things formal even in a beach wedding. A bride however should try to avoid a beach style wedding dress with long yards of lace, sequins, big flower fabric cuts, puffy shoulders, a puffy headpiece, a train of heavy fabric and full long sleeves of heavy material.